• Phase system: Type X

  • Phaser output: 5.1 mw

  • Phaser Cannon: Gravitation Shell pulse

  • Phaser cannon output: 8.7 MW

  • <;i>Phaser cannon locations: 2 fixed ffrontal, 2 fixed aftward
  • Photon Torpedo type: Mark XII< 150

  • <;i>Quantum torpedo system: Mark III, 100
  • Photon Torpedo ramps: 3 torp. starter

Defense Capabilities
  • Auto modulated shield system, total capacity 3, 862, 500 TeraJoules
  • Navigational shielding
  • Standard Duranium/Tritanium double hull plus 7.10 cm Ablative Armour
  • High level Structural Integrity Field
  • Sub -mode
  • Stellardyne Systems Auto modulated Ablative Armour Generator
    *The Ablative Armour Generator modification was addes in conjunction with the slip-stream core
  A defensive addition to the ship is a technology dubbed "Sub mode." This is a holographical imaging system passed to the oriinal Eagle (Constitution Class) by the engineering crew of the U.S.S Katana.

  The Sub-Mode originally used holo emittors to create a false image around the ship, giving it the appearance of almost anything within the emitters capacity. The Eagle's Chief Engineer at the time,Lt. Tamara, improved upon the technology, routing the image through the shield emitters. This gave the image a more solid appearance and the ability to fool passive sensor scans.

      The sub mode was extremely effective in surprising the larger, more powerful ships during the Dominion Wars. The (then Constitution-Class) Eagle could approach the target appearing as a non-threatening vessel, drop the "Sub" and get in the all-important "first strike" before raising her normal sheilding. This tactic though very tricky allowed the Eage to gain the upper hand against a Romulan Warbird after the Wars were over.

Ablative Armour
  Ablative armor is an additional reactive plating that imposes a counterforce to incoming weapon fire. The armor works by first dispersing incoming beam energy across the hull of the ship where, after reaching an undisclosed threshold, causes part of the armor to boil away, taking with it a large fraction of that energy. The effect also creates a modest vapor cloud, which effectively disperses the incoming beam further, causing it to do less direct damage to the hull. The armor is deployed by small replicator outcroppings over the hull. The technology was given to the USS Voyager by a time trasveler from the year 2404. It enabled Voyager to defeat the Borg queen, and safely traverse the Borg transwarp conduit.

The ablative armour was first deployed on the USS Defiant, and then on the USS Prometheus. The Defiant was able to withstand several Jem Hadar weapon blasts before the ship started taking damage.

It should be noted, however, that the armor is not a hull replacement, but a supplement and must be replaced over time due to the boiling away process.