The Eagle History

USS Eagle - NCC 851

USS Eagle - NCC 851

Launched in 2273, this frigate was used on scouting and light exploratory missions. In 2277, the ship and crew were destroyed by a Klingon K'tinga-class cruiser 20 light years on the Federation side of the Klingon Neutral zone. The Klingon High Council alleged the Eagle had been spying on the Empire and provoked the Klingons into battle. With all hands lost, there was no one to dispute the Klingon's allegations and the Federation Council, despite formal protests from Starfleet, let the matter drop.

USS Eagle - NCC 956

USS Eagle - NCC 956

Originally launched in 2288, was the last ship of the Constitution-class. The sturdy line was dropped in favor of the Excellsior-class of ship. This particular ship was listed as one of the ships which would have been part of Operation Retrieve, the rescue mission of Captain James T. Kirk and Dr. Leonard McCoy from Rura Penthe, had the mission been approved.

The Eagle was mothballed in 2308 due to budget concerns and the argument that the Constitution-class ship was far too out of date.

In 2365 an Excelsior-Class, USS Eagle was launched. She continued the proud tradition of defending the principles of tne Federation under the command of Captain Sporak, mostly patroling along the Klingon Border. A Borg invasion of Sector 001 broght the Eagle home where she was severly damaged by the invading Borg and later scrapped.

Constitution-class Eagle re-launched The Constitution-class Eagle was re-launched in 2374. She was pulled from the mothball fleet after the loss of many ships to the Borg invasion of Earth (ST - "First contact"). The ship was refitted with the latest technology in weapons as a test of effectiveness against the growing Dominion threat.

As hostilities escalated into a full-scale war, against the Dominion, the Eagle, under the command of then Commander Lukas Fyrstk, proved her worth. The ship and crew proved to be more than worthy opponents againdt Dominion and Cardassian forces. The Eagle was included in the fleet, under the direction of Captain Benjamin Sisko, to re-take Deep Space Nine.

The ship and crew carried on another three years, flying mission after mission. One such mission took them into the Mirror Universe to assist the (SHIP NAME CLASSIFIED). The Eagle encountered their mirror counterparts in an Intrepid-class Eagle. The two Eagles and the (SHIP NAME CLASSIFIED) worked together to save that universe, and consequently their normal universe, from annihilation. The ship was almost destroyed by a Romulan Warbird, which used active sensing scanners to peirce the Sub-Mode disguise and incapacitated the Eagle. The ship was so severely damaged that it had to be towed back to DS-9 by the captain's yacht and a shuttle.

A new warp core and many patched systems later, the Eagle again flew to halt the invasion of the Cypris into the Alpha Quadrant. She then flew one more mission which proved to be her demise.

Late in the calendar year 2377, an unknown species tried taking control of the ship by use of holo images. The invaders were able to get control of the main computer core. In efforts to regain control of the ship the magnetic containment fields were shut down and the warp core breached. The crew barely had time to make it to the escape pods and shuttles.

NCC 9561

In 2378, the Intrepid-class Eagle was launched under the command of, then, Fleet Captain Lukas Fyrstk.

Upon the return of the USS Voyager to the Alpha Quadrant, the Eagle was recalled to the shipyards for refitting. They had been outfitted with several of the technological advances then-Captain Kathryn Janeway had returned with. Among such technology was the slip-stream core and ablative armor. Using this technology, the ship was sent to the Delta Quadrant to rescue the lost (SHIP NAME CLASSIFIED). The mission had a favorable outcome and the new additions to the ship were successful.

May 29, 2379, the Eagle made a emergency trip to Romulus (ch'Rihan). A faction of the Remans (ch'Havrans) plotted an overthrow of the Romulan Senate. Their plan included ise of the Eagle's, commanding officer's father (Luktra tr'Fyrs'tk). The crew of the Eagle, with the assistance of the warbird, RES ch'Bloodwing, was successful in thwarting the coup attempt. The former Commander Luktra was rescued, and the Eagle safely returned to Federation space.

In 2380, the Eagle was sent to the Gamma Quadrant to investigate a power anomaly that had been sensed by listening posts in the Gamma Quadrant. Onboard the ship was a Romulan spy who had been sent to alter the timeline. His mission depended on the slip-stream jump and was successful, thereby creating an alternate timeline where the Romulans had won the Earth-Romulan War. The Romulan Empire, now, controlled the Alpha Quadrant. (See the Alternate Eagle). Though everything seemed normal, with the Eagle being a part of the Imperial Fleet, Lukas Fyrstk still had the sense something was not right. The soul gem Lukas had been given by his wife, April, in the unaltered time-line had made the temporal jump with the ship. It had given Lukas "dreams" of the Federation, and a completely different ship and crew. They were eventually able to thwart the actual time alteration, and the time-line returned to normal.

Also in 2380, the Eagle is drawn into an alternate universe (sim of 030709) where the Dominion has won the war and now controls the Alhpa Quadrant. Starfleet is no more. The Klingon Empire is reduced to a few rogue ships trying to survive. Commander Lance Bass, in command of the ship, orders a message sent out on Starfleet priority bands to any ship. They receive no answer. They are assisted in an attack on them by the sudden appearance of the USS Voyager, who had returned to the Alpha Quadrant to find no Starfleet or Federation.

The Eagle and Voyager crews team up and free some Dominion-held starships and crews, then liberate the Dominion-held Stabase 325. The "doorway" to the Eagle crew's own universe again opens and the ship returns home.

The T'Kil Saga: all entries relating to the T'Kil will be as follows:

In late 2381, the ship responded to a distress call from a passenger cruiser. Commodore Fyrstk sent an away team aboard the Falcon to investigate while the Eagle transportes critically injured patients to Spacula Prime (sim of 041020). The Falcon found the ship adrift and very strange readings (almost ghost-like) in the crew bio-signs. The two conscious occupants of the crew eluded to a strong menace headed towards the Federation, but both ship and crew disappeared before any more information could be found out. Little did the valian Eagle know that this was thier introduction to the T'Kil threat that was heading their way.

The Eagle is invited to witnesss the trial run of a new star drive by the Spaculaan people (sim of 041110). It is a version of the slip-stream drive currently in use by the Eagle. When they test the drive, the ship "runs-Away" with the Spaculaan crew and eventually overloads and explodes. The Eagle is able to rescue the crew but is thrown from the slip-stream conduit. They find themselves trapped in the Beta Quadrant.

As the crew scrambles to repair many badly damaged systems, the ship encounters the Enclave. This species refuses to see the Eagle as anything but hostile and immediately attacks. The crew is forced to flee to keep the already-damaged ship from being completely destroyed.

While, making repairs, Lt. Haas is able to tap into Enclave transmission bands. He hears reports of another ship similiar to the Eaglem=, that has given the Enclave problems. Commodore Fyrstk is convinced this ship is the lost USS Athena, where his brother is Chief Medical Officer. Before they can institute any searches for the other Federation ship, they are beset upon by several Enclave ships. The engineering crew is able to restore slip-stream engines and the Eagle jumps back home. Still convinced the Athena is the ship in the Beta Quadrant, Lukas requests his OPS and Science oficers to come up with some kind of communications device to contact the missing ship.

December 2381, Stardate 58954.79 (sim of 041215): The ship and crew are tested by a Starfleet simulation program in a battle against an immense enemy. Though they try what weaponry they have, they are powerless against the many-times larger ship. The ship eventually overpowers the Eagle, and the simulation ends. This turns out to be Starfleet's testing of it's abilities against what they know of the T'Kil.

February, 2382, Stardate: 59127.39 (Sim of 050216): Lieutenant Haas and Tracy put together a slip-stream communications relay. A modified probe with a miniature slip-stream drive to make the jump to the Beta Quadrant, depositing baseball-sized relays along the way to open and maintain a slip-stream communications link. The relay is tested and proves a success as it relays back Enclave transmissions. On Stardate 59146.6, sucess is realized when Lt. Haas receives the message, "USS Eagle, this is the USS Athena. Do you copy?"

Stardate: 59147.14 (sim of 050302): The Eagle receives a automated distress call from a Starfleet shuttle. They answer the distress call to find a Delta Flyer-class shuttle floating lifeless in space. On the side of the shuttle are the numbers 9561. Aboard the shuttle which appears to be the Falcon are two teen-aged boys, both close to death. They are brought aboard the Eagle, and sent directly to sick bay. Here it is revealed that they are the twin sons of Commodore Fyrstk, Rohan and Ronov. Both boys die from serious internal injuries they received in their journey through time, but not before Rohan can dleliver his ominous warning of a great threat coming to the Alpha Quadrant.

Starfleet realizes this is a warning about the T'Kil, and try to hush it up by taking the bodies of the twins and purging any record of the future threat from the ship's databanks.

Stardate 59467.75: Commodore Fyrstk is called to Earth for a meeting, and tactical planning, on how to handle the seeimingly undefeatable enemy. A select number of commanding officers are lead by Admiral William Ross in this strategy session.

Stardate: 59318.94 (Sim of 050427): The Eagle is once again diverted from the Spaculaan sector on a fact finding mission. They are ordered to utlize the slip-stream drive and take the ship to a star system far out of Federation space. To the supposed homeworld of a peoples called the Wasirii. Upon arrivval in the system, they find the planet's upper atmosphere is loaded with dust and trapped smoke as well as radiation. Sensor readings from orbit are virtualy impossible. An away team is sent in the Falcon to enter the planet's atmosphere to investigate. Thier investigations find a planet totally destroyed. THe first victims of the T'Kil.

Stardate: 59357.3 (Sim of 050518): The Eagle is ordered to rendesvous with the USS Rotunda. Captain Yarnell, of the Rotunda, and Colonel Suntun of Special Ops asigned to Starbase 325 beam aboard the Eagle. Colonel Suntun explains that the USS Chekov, a special ops ship with a cloaking device, may have fallen into the hands of Gladiam, the religious zealot who had risen to power in the breakup of the original Spaculaan Empire. He wants a crew assigned to the provided-Orion ship to take it into Spaculaan space, to the last known coordinates of the Chekov. The Eagle's XO, Commander Marqusa leads team assigned to the freighter, which they dub, the Trojan Horse.

Stardate 59483.21 (06/26/2382, 09:00 hours)(Sim of 050824): The ship is ordered by commanding officer, Lukas Fyrstk, into the Romulan Neutral Zone. In an unprecedented move, they engage two warbirds, one being the RES ch'Bloodwing. The simulation had been set beforehand, with the computers of all three ships registered damages and shut down systems accordingly. Both warbirds were handily "destroyed." The Romulans were introduced to the T'Kil.

Stardate 60538.24 (07/16/2383, 11:00 hours, Sim of 061206): The Eagle is enroute to rendesvous with a small task force when they are suddenly confronted with a mysterious storm. Every time the ship changes course to avoid the storm, the storm is again in the path of the ship. Finally, the storm overtakes the ship. When things calm, and all power and sensors are restored, the crew finds they are no longer where they were. Possibly even when, as the <<Eagle is confronted by an older Romulan war ship.... commanded by Lukas's father. Lukas and the crew find themselves involved in the very incident that led to the elder Fyrstk's exile from the Romulan Star Empire.

Stardate: 60548.85(07/20/2383, 08:00 hours, "Surprise Encounter"): The Eagle rendesvous with the new runabout, Toira, to act as an escort. The new ship is a joint-effort between Starfleet, and te Roman Imperial Star Navy and is enroute to the far reaches of the Beta Quadrant to be a part of the U.S.S. Athena. As the two ships drop out of slip-stream, they drop rignt into an Enclave battle group. The two ships manage to evade the Enclave and make the arranged meeting with the Athena, where the new captain takes over, and Gwen returns to the Eagle.

Stardate 60551.82 (07/21/2383 (10:00 hours, sim of 070221): While on-station with the USS Athena, the science and tactical stations are ordered to maintain long range sensor sweeps for possible Enclave interference. Lt. Matsu picks up a quick energy blip which she identifies as a possible Romulan attack shuttle. A probe is launched and soon communications from the shuttle are intercepted. After confirming with the Athena that all her attack shuttles are docked, the Eagle goes to investigate. They discover a world now inhabited by the crew of a Romulan warbird, IRW Ocala, which had been reported lost ten years previous. A attack shuttle from the Athene, with officers from both ships travel to the colony to investigate. The planet has one main city, Rhaelar, which is powered by the Ocala's power plant, as the warbird has crashed on the planet, and not able to take off again. The area of space was maintained by the attack-shuttles from the Ocala. Once the Romulan government was informed of the colony, they declared it an official part of the Rihannsu (Romulan) Empire and even named it New Romulus. The original commander of the IRW Ocala, Riov (commander) T'Maekh, was named governor.
  The Enclave had been planning, for some time, to assault the Romulan colony, which lay just outside their cotrolled area of space. Their attack coincided with the Eagle's appearance, and T'Maekh blamed the Starfleet ship for attracting the attention of the Enclave to their colony. The Eagle and Athena, together, fended off the assault force from the Enclave, and set up a mine field in th area of space between the Enclave and the Romulan colony space.

Stardate:64478.08: (06/24/2387, 12:00 hours)(sim of 090715)
  The Hobus star has gone super nova, and despite warnings from Ambassador Spock, the Romulan Senate deemed it no threat. The magnitude of the eruption, and the anomalous way the shock wave was gaining strength as it spread out, suddenly made the Romulans realize, they were in serious danger. The galaxy-wide distress call was sent out, and Starfleet was there to answer the call.
  The Eagle, just finishing with another assistance, with Nigala Station, left its complement of shuttles behind, and all non-essential personnel, to help out the crew of Nigala, and to make room for the evacuees of Romulus. As they entered Romulan space, they found mass confusion. Lukas orders the ship over s certain spot above the Empire homeworld, and orders Yoshi to pick out all the life forms she could find. The mass beaming of Romulans begins and the ship officers now have their hands full. As the safety margin, the time they can still make it safely away, looms even closer the sensors show two ships, ch'Bloodwing and U.S.S. Excelsior, still in orbit. Scans of the other Federation ship, show that its warp drive is down. Excelsior, being a much larger ship than the Eagle, is grabbed in a tractor beam by the warbird. All three ships narrowly escape Romulus orbit before the shockwave strikes, destroying the planet.
  On Stardate 64632.45 (08/19/2387, 20:18 hours), this mighty ship met her demise. Under the temporary command of Captain Gwen Marqusa, the Eagle went into Sector 742 upon the request of Captain McCloud of Pasteut Station. Listening posts had detected increased Firegon activity in what was still considered Federation space. Arriving in the sector, the ship went to the second planet, which was a Class-M planet and had Firegon ion trails leading to and from it. Initial sensor scans showed a tight concentration of life-signs. And away team was sent to the surface where they found a Firegon detention camp.
  While the away team investigated the camp, the Eagle was attached by three of the newer style Firegon attack cruisers. One of these ships, previously had proved to be a match for the Intrepid-class ship. While the Eagle was able to disable one of the warships, the continued onslaught brought about an unstoppable core breach. All hands were rescue by the timely arrival of the starships Pathfinder and Dauntless, but the ship was lost.


  On Stardate 64661.52, August 30, 2387 - 11:00 hours, the Luna-cleass U.S.S. Eagle, bearing the registry number of NCC-89561, was launched. She was taken directly out to Pasteur Station for enforcement duty along the Firegon border under the command of Captain Rayne McCloud.