USS Eagle - Auxilary Craft

Eagle's Wing

      Eagle's Wing is an AeroWing-class shutle classified as a Diplomatic courier and transport shuttle. She serves as the Captain's Yacht. The unit run of this type ship is one per Intrepid-class starship.
Commissioned In step with Sovereign class Starships
      Eagle's Wing is 28.5 meters in length with a beam of 22.2 meters. She has a height of 6.3 meters and 1 deck thick. She has a mass of 115 tons and can carry a crew of 3. The shuttle is docked on the underside of the primary hull of the ship
Other features of the ship are:

USS Talon - NCC 96511

The Talon is a
standard Danube-class craft. The aft compartment usually a small living area. The mid-section of the craft is removable to incorporate additional passenger space, or freighter and science inserts. These inserts are kept on-ship if the Captain deems the Talon sould go.


A Delta Flyer-class shuttle, the Falcon is a recent addition to the auxilary craft of the Eagle. The ship is equipped similar tot he one designed by the crew of USS Voyager, as spelled out int he data pack messages sent to Starfleet. Much like her Delta Quadrant predecessor, Falcon has ultra-dynamic contours, retractable nacells, parametallc hull plating, a tetraburnium alloy hull, unimstrix shielding, and Borg-inspired weaponry, including photonic missiles.

Sparrow & Starling

Each a Type-9 Personnel shuttle. Each are additionally equippped wth light shielding and phaser emittors. In special cases a phaser pulse cannon can be attached for fighter craft capablities.

Canary & Keet

Type-18 shuttlepods for short-range transports only. Used for planetary mission or ship to ship shuttle trips. They have minimum shielding and no armament.