Biographical File
Number 83489384.

General Data
Name: Svonn
Current Assignment:Chief Science Officer,USS Athena
Current Rank:Lieutenant Commander
Place of Birth:Vulcan
Date of Birth:30896.57(24 Nov 2353)
Marital status:Single
Physical Description:
Height:5' 10"
Weight: 165
Hair Color: Sandy blonde hair
Eye Color:Pale blue
Distinguishing features:The hair color being unusual for a Vulcan native
Personal History:

Svonn is the youngest of three males born to Sidan and T'Punn of Vulcan. Svonn was the only child of the family born with the rare BL-gene. It was this gene which caused the blonde hair.

As a boy, Svonn was often looked on by the other children and by many teachers as inferior. Even his brothers would treat him as a lesser being because f the BL-gene. Despite all the beliefs to the contrary, Svonn excelled in acadenics as well as in athletics.

Age 13,
   at the Singk Logic Monastary One thing Svonn has always had trouble with, and experts believe it is directly caused by the BL-gene, is controlling his emotions. Svonn was much slower than his two older brothers in learning the disciplines of logic. At the age of 13, Svonn was sent to the Singk Logic Monastary for a six month stay.Though Svonn is reluctant to talk much about his experience there, he readily admits that a fellow student named Sutak, with teaching him much. To this day, he still has trouble with meditations and his emotions are always close to the surface.

Click to Enlarge Svonn's constant battle with controlling his emotions also tends to be a bit ore naive about things. When he was in the Academy his roomate was able to talk him into posing for the 2372 Edition of the Academy Cadets "Beefcake" calendar. Svonn was Mr. August. Word of this quickly spread back to Vulcan which made his family none too proud. Despite his parent's objections, Svonn stayed on and graduated in the top ten of his class.

In 2380, while serving as Operations officer aboard the USS Athena, Lt. Svonn was forced to take command of the ship. The captain, first officer and other bridge crew were all found unconscious on the bridge. The second officer, who was also security chief had apparently been on the bridge and was killed in his efforts to carry out his duties. As of this entry, the captain (Namid Nahimana), and Xo still lay in stasis in sick bay. Svonn, being the senior-most officer with command training, assumed command of the starship and continued the quest to find a way home.

On Stardate 59146.6, the Athena received a automated transmission from a probe. The message was being transmitted over and over again from a slip-stream communications relay, that had been set up by the crew of the USS Eagle. Svonn ordered the comm officer to answer the relay. An instant communications link had been established between the Athena, and the Eagle. Svonn was able to inform Starfleet Command the current status of the ship and crew.

In 2383, Starfleet Command made the decision to make an official mission, the Athena's travels in the Beta Quadrant. Svonn was relieved of command when Captain Jazmine Mergahn was sent out to take over the official Starfleet/Romulan joint mission. Svonn was promoted to Lt. Commander, for his continued actions of keeping ship and crew intact. He was also made chief of the sciences department.
Psychological Profile:
Telepathic rating:3 - Svonn, like most Vulcanss, s a touch telepath. He also believes that use of the mind meld, without the subjects express permission is forbidden.
Profile results: Svonn has shown his competency as a Starfleet officer. In many of the simulations, Svonn has outwardly shown nothing but calm and decisive actions to save the ship and crew.
2371 - 2375Starfleet Academy
2375 Ensign Svonn, posted to the USS Leander. Rotated between engineering, helm and operations,
2377 Promoted to Liuentenant junior grade. moved to OPS/Helm operator on the Beta shift.
2379Promoted to Lieutenant. Transferred to the USS Athena. On Stardate 56604.22 the Athena, along with a Romulan warbird stood together in a battle against hostile forces at the, then believed stable, Wormhole 3, near Pasteur Station. The two starships were drawn into the wormhole and not heard from since.
2380Assumed command of the Athena when the captain, first and second officers were attacked by an unknown force, leaving the CO & XO in a comatose state and the 2nd officer dead.
2382Starfleet Command informed via slip-stream relay, of the Athena's whereabouts and situation. Command acknowledges Svonn's temporary command status of the ship.
2383Promoted to Lt. Commander. Re-assigned as Chief Science Officer when Captain Jazmine Mergahn took command